Why Did My Dental Filling Stop Working?

A dental filling is designed to endure several years of use, especially if it receives proper care, but it will eventually wear down and need to be replaced. However, harmful oral conditions can cause a dental filling to deteriorate prematurely, and we encourage you to be aware of the risks to your dental filling, such… Read more »

Chronic Periodontal Disease Can Contribute to Systemic Inflammation

Poor oral hygiene habits can leave residual food material, bacterial deposits, and plaque buildup in your mouth. If these substances are not removed in a reasonable amount of time they can harden into bacterial calculus, which is known to promote periodontal disease. This typically starts out as the gum inflammation of gingivitis. Initial symptoms can… Read more »

Why You Should Think Twice About Oral Piercings

Even though oral piercings are more common now than ever before, there are still risks to your oral health when pursuing this cosmetic body alteration. Today we would like to provide you with some food for thought about why you might want to think twice about having one. The problem is your mouth houses millions… Read more »

A Dental Bridge Might Be Necessary to Prevent Further Tooth Loss Complications

When a tooth is lost to a severe cavity, oral trauma, or required a treatment based extraction, the void left in your mouth can cause a host of various complications. Beyond the simple decrease in your oral function, you might also experience changes in your smile’s appearance and the clarity of your speech. As time… Read more »

Should You Choose Dental Implants or a Bridge?

If you have spaces in your smile, you should talk to your dentist about your tooth replacement options. Missing teeth can allow your remaining teeth to drift our of their proper alignment. When that happens, your teeth can strike each other at the wrong angle, which can cause a loss of tooth enamel and other… Read more »

Oral Health Treatments: Toothache Treatments

Do you think you are suffering from a toothache but are unsure based on your symptoms? Although toothache symptoms vary and can have wide-ranging effects, there are several indications that you may be suffering from a toothache. Do you have severe or debilitating pain in and around your facial area that fails to go away… Read more »

Supplementing Your Oral Health Care

While it is not a substitute for brushing and flossing, using a mouthwash or rinse can freshen your breath, will add some extra power to your brushing and flossing routine. Or, mouthwash can be used to tidy up your breath after lunch or during the day while at work. There are two kinds of mouthwashes…. Read more »

Oral Health Care Issues: Gum Disease

You may have gum disease and not even know it. One reason for that is because its symptoms tend to be minor and are frequently only truly felt after the disease has been developing for a while. Since it is often painless at first, some patients have gone months and even years without noticing the… Read more »

What Does It Take to Have a Healthy Smile?

Because cavities can be both painful and inconvenient, we encourage ways to avoid them from taking hold in our patient’s smiles. Avoiding tooth decay is better than having fix cavities as decay weakens tooth enamel by creating holes in your tooth enamel. If tooth decay goes deep enough to expose the tooth’s nerves or pup,… Read more »

Touch Up Your Smile With Veneers

Your smile may need a little work. You may not need an entire tooth restored, but you might be ready for a few improvements. If you look in the mirror, and see stained or discolored teeth, cracks or chips or even spaces between your teeth that could be closed, you might want to talk with… Read more »